Having trouble finding your way?

We advise our clients to first develop a plan to determine the appropriate directional, informational, and required signs.

Effective planning requires a professional analysis to determine what signs are needed, where they should go and what they should say.

Our planners and project managers are wayfinding specialists, trained in the application of practical sign types based on design, function and compliance. Before visiting a site, our planners analyze site/floor plans, determine key destinations and develop a sense of traffic flow. They then meet with key staff, with site/floor plans in-hand, and conduct an onsite analysis.

Based on observations, our planners develop the signage requirements for a facility – a working document that ultimately becomes the Sign System Master Plan.

The planning process:

  • Customer goals and objectives
  • Professional wayfinding analysis
  • Visitors and staff interviews
  • Design and brand review
  • Sign standards development
  • Maintenance program options
  • Implementation strategy
Our wayfinders record:

  • Key decision points
  • Proposed sign locations
  • Copy requirements
  • Disclosure information
  • Field conditions
  • Visitor observations

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