Build Your Brand through an Effective Sign Solution

Posted on Jun 18, 2013

Build Your Brand

The decisions that you make – from your employee’s uniforms, the landscaping and even the type of signage used to help your customers find their way – help create a sense of personal connection and confidence in your company’s overall brand. Building trust in your brand comes from all the decisions you make over time. 

Remember, a brand is not what you tell your customers about your company; it is what they perceive of it. It is what they say and feel about your company. With this in mind, your reputation is on the line every time they experience your brand.

While installing a new sign may not change the way your customers feel about you, creating an effective wayfinding solution may be the first step in an overall business strategy that could help improve your visitors’ satisfaction.

Effective Sign Solution

Orlando Health’s MD Anderson Cancer Center is an example of a sign solution that incorporates story, builds trust and uses a unique design to build a strong brand in their community. Their vision is echoed in their corporate messaging with signage throughout their buildings on the “Making Cancer History” theme and highlights the visual identity of the red line through the word “cancer”.

md anderson cancer center - sign solution

Developing Your Brand Strategy

Developing consistency in communications and improving the visitors’ experience is at the heart of creating a meaningful brand. The following brand strategies are important to consider: Story, Trust, and Design.

What’s your story?
Your brand is kept alive through the experiences, interactions and stories that surround your company. Being successful with brand messaging is key. You can start by thinking about your customers, clients or visitors. Who are they and what do they value most about your company? What do they value most about your services? There are many stories that define your organization. How can you bring those stories to life from a visual perspective?

How are you building trust?
If safety and security are key issues for your visitors, then you should give them the information they need to feel safe from the first interaction. An effective sign system strategy can reflect that your company values the visitors’ overall experience by providing a safe environment. A well-planned sign system can also establish credibility and expertise through quality, custom-crafted sign solutions.

Design matters: What’s your color?
The selection and use of color creates an emotional response in your visitors. Why do so many fast food companies use red in their restaurant themes? Red is the color of passion, excitement, and energy. You visit fast food restaurants not for the taste but for convenience and speed. This is reinforced by the color red. Building a strong brand can be reinforced with your color selection. Again, this is part of your entire experience you are creating – one sign at a time.
Selecting the ideal structure, considering its location and deciding on the frequency of the signs are all important decisions you will make to build a positive brand experience.

From planning visitor experiences to considering design solutions, your sign solution creates opportunities to build and enhance your company’s brand. Before you begin your sign solution strategy, consider these planning tips:

• Define your goals and objectives;
• Conduct a professional wayfinding analysis;
• Review your design and brand standards.

What questions do you have as you embark on creating a more effective experience for your visitors?

Erin Deshler, Director of Planning & Design at Sign System Solutions, has over 15 years of industry experience and has personally developed signage and wayfinding systems at over 250 facilities throughout the United States. Contact Erin at:

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