6 Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction with a Positive Wayfinding Experience

Posted on Mar 19, 2014

We know the saying: “You only get one chance to make a good first impression,” and proper wayfinding and signage can make a big difference in the impression that your visitors and patients have of your facility. When the patient experience is a positive one, they’ll recommend your healthcare facility to others. What’s more, patient satisfaction can lead to improved brand recognition and bottom line success.


At Sign System Solutions, we’ve been developing best practices for Signage and Wayfinding for decades, and here are some tried and true tips we’ve used to help leading healthcare facilities improve patient satisfaction:

6 Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction with a Positive

Wayfinding Experience  

1.   Consider navigation issues for patients, visitors and staff alike.

We often think about the impact that an easy-to-navigate facility has on patients, but it’s also important to consider staff and visitors as well.  A simple facilities training guide for staff can be useful in newly constructed or renovated buildings, and a well-placed information desk can help to personalize the visitor’s journey.

2.   Provide orientation cues to help visitors move from building to building and floor to floor.

Visitors will typically have to visit multiple buildings or departments within your facility. How easy is it to get from point A to point B to point C and back again?

3.   Adhere to accessibility guidelines and codes.

Meeting ADA Standards for Accessible design for medical care facilities improves patient satisfaction and keeps your facility in compliance.  Compliant signage and wayfinding should be considered during the design, construction and renovation of buildings.

4.   Rethink the way destinations are reached.

The cost of confusion can be high when people get lost, especially in a healthcare setting. Take time to evaluate how various destinations are reached within your facility.

5.   Develop a meaningful signage hierarchy.

A signage hierarchy, consisting of categories of signs, will help visitors and staff to find their way within your facilities and around your campus.  Easy to read signs that are properly placed will reinforce your wayfinding program.

6.   Encourage patient loyalty with a strong brand identity.

Enhance your organization’s brand with easy-to-navigate facilities and a pleasant patient experience throughout your campus and buildings.  A positive patient experience will reinforce your organization’s brand and reputation.

Do any of these topics resonate with you? Which are the most important in your environment?

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